Visit to Christchurch 24.09.03

We went on a trip 22.9.-24.9. because Pete bought a car from a dealer in the southeast of England (Tunbridge Wells). Our friends Dorothy and Guenter live in that area, in Christchurch, so we decided to visit them and they kindly invited us to stay with them for 2 nights. The ferrets stayed in Guenter’s workshop. The garden is ferret proofed so as soon as we arrived, we started letting my ferrets out, all had about half an hour out. They also had a run Tuesday morning and night and Wednesday morning. The weather was excellent and they so enjoyed the garden! There was a little pond with a little waterfall and a rockery and a corner where Dorothy’s and Guenter’s ferret Fritz had dug underground. Some of my ferrets went swimming unvoluntarily, not a good idea to dance and run backwards when there's a pond behind you! ;-) Fox fell in twice I think, Bobby actually jumped in from the waterfall and Wesley got all excited when the wind went through the grass in the pond and then leapt at the grass and splashed into the water. He didn’t like it much though! ;-) Reno kept snorkelling. Willow fell in as well when she tried to get underneath the waterfall... But Dorothy had a towel ready at all times so they got dried off immediately. Dorothy’s daughter Rhea took pictures Wednesday morning and Dorothy mailed the pics to me on a CD so I thought I put some onto my web page. But I can’t believe how much the ferrets enjoyed it. Bella never exercises here and goes to bed when I let her out. But in the garden she walked (and even ran!) around for 45 minutes! So Pete said we have to make them a ferret proof garden (which eventually happened in summer 2007...). Pete wants to have a garage built so we’ll do that and then the garden shed can go and we will put fencing all around the garden and a pond in one corner and we’ll do a rockery and whatever else we can think of. It really enriches the ferrets’ lives...

The dogs got on with the ferrets really well. They had already played with some ferrets and I knew I could trust the dogs 100%. But I was scared that Hobo and Gremlin, for example, would bully the dogs. But all got on exceptionally well. :-) Riley loves chasing Millie, he leisurely runs after her and just loves it when she runs away from him. :-) There is one picture of him doing it.

Fritz was really sweet as well. Dorothy and Guenter have had him for 4 years and he is 8 years old now. He is in such excellent condition! He is quite heavy, over 3 pounds, has a lovely thick coat and good muscle tone and he doesn’t look his age!

Again hold your mouse pointer over the pictures to see who is on them.







Fox at pond

Dana by rockery

Dana by pond


Tara in rockery

Dorothy and me in garden

Bella drinking out of pond

Millie and Bella drinking out of pond + Poppy




Millie and Willow

Dorothy rescuing Willow out of pond

Riley drinking out of waterfall

Riley chasing Millie, Poppy and me stationary

Me, Pete and Dorothy




Willow drinking out of waterfall

Willow in front of waterfall

Garden corner with hiding places

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