Wylie's memorial page

Pure sweetness, and the color of honey. My "honeybear", that was what I always called Wylie. He was a cuddler from the start. We found him at the shelter in Sept. of 1997, and he refused to be put in a box for the ride home, he just was so content to be still on my mom's lap all the way home (1 1/2 hour drive). He did have so many special ways, so sensitive to me if I was feeling sick or not well. Always posted himself by the door waiting for me when I would have to run outside for something. And whenever I would come home, and Curtis would have Wylie out, he would run to the door to greet me every time. Wylie also studied my cooking skills. I could never bake anything without his watchful eyes right beside my feet. He loved to chase me and dance around when I played techno dance mix music, but his favorite was the Riverdance soundtrack, he loved it and would chase me round and round through house and I would have to scoop him up often so he felt like he caught me! He loved making off with small fuzzy stuffed toys, earmuffs, doll shoes, and his favorite- tiny pumpkins! He'd carefully haul them upstairs to his loot of treasure hidden under my bed! A few times I had forgotten to latch his cage of forgot to put him in his cage at all when I went to bed at night. In the middle of the night each time he came to my bedside to wake me up, like he knew it wasn't quite right, or just to be near me. That was Wylie, never far behind. He was as strong as he was gentle, he made it through insolinoma surgeries and an adrenal surgery and lived a happy life until January of 2001 when he was diagnosed with a large inoperable tumor. He fought and tried to be so strong until finally on April 7th 2002 he had to let go. I will never let go of the many animal souls that have deeply touched my heart and I will always be grateful that they blessed my life.