This is Syd, a ferret I took in Sunday 27th of November 2016. His owner was looking for a new home for him, the neighbour of his owner posted about him on Linda White's Facebook page, Linda runs Alpets Poundies where we had Lacey from. So Priscilla, a lady I know from a neighbouring village, who is friends with me and Linda, immediately tagged me in the post. I said I wasn't really taking any more ferrets in. Linda said she didn't want to risk it with her two getting on so well. Unbeknownst to me, my friend Lesley saw the conversation I had about him with Priscilla. Lesley said she would be happy to take him so I got him and was going to keep him until Lesley can come to fetch him which would have been just after Christmas (all the way from East Sussex!). Unfortunately, Syd is a doll, a really sweet boy, very playful, and follows me around like a puppy. He mastered the cat flap straight on the second day here. Didn't even have to show him :) Sooo ... I fell in love with him. The whole time I told myself he wasn't mine, I pretended that I was boarding him for Lesley. But to no avail. Around the middle of December I was getting more and more depressed, to the point where I would wake up at night and feel so distraught that I couldn't get back to sleep.


So I wrote to Lesley, asking how much Syd mattered to her. I said I had totally fallen for him and he'd been out with Missy, Sweetie and Poley and Sweetie followed him like a shadow and they all got on so it would be lovely to keep him. But I said I didn't want to make her cross or offend her, if she really really wanted him then that would be okay and I'm sure I'd get over it. I didn't want to cause a fight or loose her friendship over it, but he fitted in so perfectly and was such a cuddle bug that I thought I ask her. I usually never ask or do things that are good for *me*, I always put others (wishes) before mine, even if it hurts me in the end (like agreeing to bury my mum in Berlin rather than have her cremated and have the ashes here with me...) so I thought I ask Lesley in case she's fine either way.

Lesley replied that she was grinning from ear to ear. She thought it was great that I wanted to keep Syd. She only offered because she saw two people (me and Linda) say they couldn't take him and time was running out. Derek, Lesley's husband, thought this would happen, so they'd already agreed that she would rather come over to me when the weather is better. Which I am very looking forward to. :)

So Syd is staying. ;)


Update 15/09/17

Syd has been wonderful, he is a people ferret and doesn't really know what to do with other ferrets, he even get freaked out by Poley even though Poley has never ever attacked another ferret or any animal or human, not even defended himself when he was attacked. But that again makes me think that Poley is a polecat or hybrid. Syd tries to play with Sweetie and played with Missy when she was alive but he is a bit rough with the others when playing. He always comes to us though to be picked up and played with, a real sweetheart. Though he plays rough with us, too.

Syd coming to me in the garden 22.05.17

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