I knew a man, Tony Clarke, from the ferret health list and then on the 10th of September 2014, his daughter Emma wrote to the list and said her dad had passed away very unexpectedly, after a short illness, on July 23rd 2014

Emma was looking after his ferrets, one very sick old girl called Sukie, and a 2 year old called Sweetie. I wrote to Emma to express my shock and condolences and have been writing to her since. Sukie has now been put to sleep and Emma needs to find a new home for Sweetie. Emma lives in a small house and already has 4 cats that need to be kept separated and she does not think she can give Sweetie the life and attention she needs. I offered to take Sweetie *if* she fits in with either my boys or Missy. I said it was up to her if she wanted to risk it because it could mean a wasted trip. She lives in Nottingham.

So Emma and her boyfriend Warren brought her here on the 29th October. Emma and Warren were *sooo* nice! Stayed for quite a while and they were lucky and came on a beautiful sunshiny day.

Sweetie was very scared and shy at first and only went hiding when out, then I started letting her out with Poley who I know wouldn't hurt a fly. She took to him immediately and grooms him every chance she gets. And then 2 weeks after she arrived I thought I would put her *and* Missy in with the boys. At first it looked promising but it didn't work out. The boys group is Skippy, Tigger, Poley and then I had Missy, Tammy, Finn but the girls had to be kept separate so they would each spend 3 1/2 days with Finn and 3 1/2 day on their own. Now Missy is with Sweetie, and Tammy is with Finn permanently which is good. Missy initially bullied Sweetie a little, and then Sweetie had a go at Missy in return, but after a few months they were really fine together.


Sweetie cleaning Poley

Sweetie and Poley


Sweetie & Missy

Missy & Sweetie

July 2016, I put Poley in with Missy and Sweetie, after Skippy died. And Tammy and Finn went in with Tigger. Many changes since I first wrote about the three.

Poley, Missy & Sweetie

Update 15/09/17

Sweetie was spayed on the 13th of June. I got a bit worried as she is 5 years old now, she's so far had 2 Suprelorin implants to keep her out of season but the implants are so new and I got worried about pyometra or ovarian cancer and then her needing an emergency spay when she's getting older. I'm not knowledgeable enough when it comes to non-neutered animals and don't know if pyometra can strike at any time or just when females are in season. I just didn't want the worry so I decided to have her spayed. It went really well. For the first few days I only let her out for a short time morning and night, and only downstairs and in the garden. Luckily it was warm and dry so I could have the back door open so she didn't need to go through the cat flap. The next few days I let her out for longer but still only downstairs, then after a week I let her go up the stairs again. Kept an eye on her to make sure she wasn't overdoing it but she was good and not too energetic. She healed well and is happy and healthy. :)

Sweetie 31.05.17

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