Skunk links

American/ English skunk pages

Stichting Het Stinkdier (The Dutch Skunk Foundation)- English- EXCELLENT, recommended, a lot of (health) care info
Veterinary care of pet skunks
"We have fun productions" - videos about skunk vet care and feeding
Skunk Haven
Owners Of Pet Skunks (OOPS) informal web site! The Skunk’s Den Rescue Shelter and Education
Just Skunks- skunk advice and skunk products, gifts and merchandise
Dragoo Institute for the Betterment of Skunks and Skunk Reputations
The skunk rainbow bridge

Skunk pages in other languages

Welkom in de wondere wereld van het stinkdier (Welcome to the wonderful world of the skunk)- Dutch/ English
Stichting Het Stinkdier (The Dutch Skunk Foundation)- Dutch Familie Asam- German
Stinktiere...- Helmut- German
Moffetta o puzzola americana- Italian