It all started when I did the ferret toilets early 2004. I use The Daily Mail (to line the toilets with) which I get from my neighbours and there was this article about unusual pets. One of the unusual pets covered was a skunk. I'd had no idea that you can have them as pets so I was very intrigued. A month or so later I saw an advert for a skunk for sale so I found out that you can buy skunks here in the UK. I could never have afforded one but Pete offered to get me one, so then I did some research and went to every skunk web page I could find. Eventually I found the web page of Seb's Jungletalk. He owns a lot of exotic animals and breeds skunks! So at the beginning of May, we went to see a skunk that was for sale and we also visited Seb. The skunk that was for sale happened to be very close to where Seb lives. It was a 1 year old female that was for sale, apparently hand raised. She was the first skunk I'd ever seen. She was very timid, didn't want to be picked up, didn't want to be held (she escaped off my lap) and her coat was dull, coarse and matted and she didn't look in very good condition. So I said I'd think about it and we went to see Seb. Now his skunks were completely different! I handled a female and a male, their coats were soft and shiny and they just cuddled and didn't try to escape. So we put a deposit down for a baby. The babies had already been born and would be ready towards the end of June.

Continues in Tyler's story... :-)