Some information about myself

I was born in Germany and grew up on the outskirts of Wuppertal in the middle of a very industrialised area. I never liked city life and always wished I lived in the countryside. I also didn't like school much, I went to a grammar school and most teachers were so horrible that a good friend of mine and I were known for skipping classes.

From Summer '87 on I spent my Summer holidays in Britain, especially Scotland and Wales. I fell in love with a very beautiful place by the sea called Cwmtydu here on the west coast of Wales- and, in 1989, with a young man- so I decided to leave Germany behind me and went to live with Daniel in Wales.

When I first started living in Wales, I went to Aberaeron Comprehensive School and found out that there are actually nice teachers in other countries. I was in 6th form and did a course which involved going to college 2 days a week which was fun. All in all I did enjoy going to Aberaeron Comprehensive School.

Then Daniel and I moved to Nottingham in 1991 and were involved in a car crash which left my car a write-off and made me very ill with panic attacks so that I wasn't able to leave the house. It took me a long time to get better, in the meantime we lived in Germany for 9 months (autumn '92-spring '93), which made me even more ill, and moved back to Wales. In 1995 I finally got better and did two computer courses at Coleg Ceredigion in Cardigan which I enjoyed. But then my health got worse again until a new treatment I tried out in 1996 (NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming) made me better. So well that I was able to start a course at The University of Wales Lampeter in October 1996.

Daniel and I separated late '93 and during the following years got back together and separated again- and again and again... We did the first year in university together and by that time just lived together as friends. Daniel left for good to live in London in summer '97 and we lost touch.

In '97, when I was in my second year at Lampeter, doing a Diploma in Information Management, we did some web pages because we learnt to write HTML in the Hypermedia & Multimedia lecture, and writing the web pages was an assignment. But I didn't feel like I was writing the pages for my lecturer, it was like I was writing them for myself and other ferret people. And now I keep updating my pages and have started "designing" my own backgrounds when my friend Karen taught me how to do it. Thanks Karen. :-)

As far as hobbies are concerned, I love to go horse riding- I'm fortunate enough to have neighbours with horses who I can go riding with a few times each week. But I also enjoy swimming, cycling, roller blading and volleyball. Doesn't mean I'm good at those sports though, I just do them for fun.

I enjoy (indoor) gardening as well and have a lot of potted plants around the house. And of course I'm into computers.

At the moment I live in a very small and very quiet village- something I'd always wanted. I've been here since 1993. I'm not a city person even though I grew up in one, and am not very keen on "nightlife", I prefer the quiet and being able to drive to the beach instead.

Me with Angel, Jilly and Jack around the time when I started these web pages in 1997.

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