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Ferret Health List
A list on Yahoo Groups where you can ask about any ferret diseases and health problems, there's a lot of vets and knowledgeable ferret people who answer questions.
Searchable archives of the Ferret Health List- *excellent*

Long Beach Animal Hospital Medical Services
Diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases- ferrets and other animals (with pictures of operations)

Pathology of the Domestic Ferret
By Bruce H. Williams, DVM

Adrenal Disease and Insulinoma in the domestic ferret
By Mike Janke

Post mortem guidelines
By Dr Bruce Williams

Alternative ferret treatment
By Mike Janke

The_Ferrets - How To Give SubQ Fluids At Home

The_Ferrets - Ferret (Medical) Links

Anatomy, Behaviour and Diseases of Ferrets

ADV... Straight Up
By Wolfy

Online medical dictionary

ASPCA Animal Poison Control

Cedar Toxicity and Respiratory Distress in Small Mammal Pets

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