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Dogs and cats
Last update 22/01/17

Last update 22/01/17

Bunny (the wild rabbit & myxomatosis survivor) - R.I.P. 11.02.15 , Bailey- R.I.P. 07.10.11 & Binky

Last update 22/01/17

Hedgy- R.I.P. 11.09.10
The hedgehog

Ferret proofing the garden :-)
New 15/09/07

Ferrets, skunks, dogs and cats in garden :-)
New 15/09/07

Vicky and Tricky
Vicky had insulinoma and was treated for a stomach ulcer and eventually died of pneumonia
Tricky died of a malignant adrenal tumour
those two belonged to Galina, a friend of mine...

Wylie's memorial page
a page I have done for Molly, a dear friend of mine, who's beloved ferret Wylie passed away...

Our Visit to Christchurch September '03
with many pictures of ferrets in ferret proofed garden

Ferret Christmas pictures 1998

Your ferret pictures part 1
Your ferret pictures part 2
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About myself (with pictures)

Index page
My ferrets & ferret health and information pages

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