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Jilly, Angel and Jack

Jilly- R.I.P. 25.10.01
Insulinoma, liver tumours

Angel- R.I.P. 14.07.98
Horrific malignant pancreatic cancer (pancreatic adenocarcinoma), very bad abdominal ascites

Jack- R.I.P. 20.03.02
Insulinoma, possibly adrenal cancer though not confirmed, dodgy lungs and abdomen

Igor- R.I.P. 06.12.00
Pancreatic tumour with abdominal ascites

Bella and Tom

Bella- R.I.P. 08.03.04
Adrenal hyperplasia, insulinoma, slight cardiomyopathy, very cystic liver, probably chronic renal failure though not diagnosed

Tom- R.I.P. 17.07.01
Paralysis, screaming before being put to sleep, no diagnosis but possibly meningitis or Aleutian Disease

Mason- R.I.P. 09.09.02
Malignant biliary neoplasm (?)

Baby, Dana and Fox

Baby- R.I.P. 27.07.04
Abdominal exploratory, tumour removed
Chronic renal failure, adrenal hyperplasia, mild bile duct hyperplasia, early stage lymphosarcoma

Dana- R.I.P. 12.4.05

Fox- R.I.P. 03.12.04
Chronic renal failure, Chronic Interstitial Nephritis and Biliary cystic hyperplasia

Reno- R.I.P. 21.3.05
Aleutian Disease


Rose- R.I.P. 07.07.06
Peritonitis, Cardiomyopathy, Chronic interstitial nephritis, Renal failure

Hope- R.I.P. 31.07.00
Ovarian tumour, was removed (through a spay), recovered, then slowly faded away, slowly stopped eating, was very itchy, no autopsy was performed

Jasmine- R.I.P. 23.04.05
Hepatic haemangiosarcoma

Barney- R.I.P. 09.05.01
Juvenile lymphoma, massive tumour in chest cavity

Spike- R.I.P. 20.10.01
Lymphosarcoma- tumours in chest cavity
warning- some of the images at the end are upsetting

Hobo- R.I.P. 11.10.04 and Gremlin- R.I.P. 19.03.07
Hobo- CNS symptoms/ meningitis? (was: Urinary tract infection?)
Adrenal carcinoma, possible lesion in spine, inability to urinate, progressive hind end weakness/ paralysis

Gremlin- CNS symptoms/ meningitis?- twice (was: Urinary tract infection?)
complications after canine extraction
cardiomyopathy & chronic renal failure, possibly insulinoma

Bobby- R.I.P. 10.07.08
Insulinoma with metastasis to the liver


Willow- R.I.P 09.07.06
Ectopic adrenal tumour
End-stage kidney and Pulmonary Congestion

Tara- R.I.P. 22.02.05
Gastrointestinal blockage
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Riley- R.I.P. 01.04.06
Haematoma in ear
(histiolymphocytic) pericarditis/ acute heart failure/ ADV

Wesley- R.I.P. 18.12.08
Bacterial bronchopneumonia


Spike II- R.I.P. 01.06.07
Pancreatic Islet Cell Carcinoma

Leo- R.I.P. 22.04.12 and Piper- R.I.P. 05.12.08
Leo- Insulinoma, adrenal disease, misc.
Piper- Malignant lymphoma (Lymphosarcoma), immunoblastic-polymorphous type


Jake- R.I.P. 27.09.12 and Phoebe- R.I.P. 16.02.12
Phoebe- Pancreatic Endocrine Tumour - “Insulinoma” and Probable Lymphoma/ Gastroenteritis; moderately severe/ etc.
Jake- Cardiomyopathy and Various Lesions

Jade- R.I.P. 14.02.07 and Kobi- R.I.P. 16.08.11
Jade- Insulinoma and adrenal disease though not diagnosed via pathology
Kobi- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, islet cell carcinoma (insulinoma), hepatocellular tumour, nephritis/ CRF, adrenal cortical carcinoma (adrenal disease)


Ruby- R.I.P. 27.12.08
Insulinoma and Cardiomyopathy

Honey- R.I.P. 25/07/14
Lymph Nodes (possibly also Thymus, per history): Lymphoma, small cell but high-grade, Lung: Lymphoma, perivascular, small cell, Kidney: Lymphoma, small cell, unilateral, focal, Interstitial Nephritis and Glomerulonephritis

Daisy- R.I.P. 10.06.08 and Nipper- R.I.P. 30.09.08
Daisy- Generalized lymphoblastic lymphadenopathy
Nipper- Pathological changes in various tissues (mainly cardiomyopathy & chronic lung disease)

Snoopy- R.I.P. 26.11.13
Adrenal Mass: Two Tumours -- Leiomyosarcoma, well-differentiated AND Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma, myxoid variant
Mammary Mass: Mammary Adenocarcinoma, simple tubular type
Kidneys: Glomerulonephritis -- diffuse and nearly global, subacute or chronic-active, moderate to marked, with evidence of protein loss

Peanut- R.I.P. 25.07.14, Charlie- R.I.P. 17.09.12 and Franklin- R.I.P. 27.05.14
Franklin- Torn cruciate ligament, 1 week of bloody stools
Charlie- Splenectomy
Charlie- Lymphoma (Lymphosarcoma)
Franklin- Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Insulinoma, Cholecystitis and Choledochitis -- suppurative, Hepatitis -- suppurative, Biliary Cystadenocarcinoma, Adrenal Cortical Nodular Hyperplasia
Peanut- Liver and Lymph Node: Haemangiosarcoma, Myocardial Hypertrophy-- diffuse, moderate, associated with multiple chronic infarcts, Atelectasis, Nephritis -- glomerular and interstitial, Pericholangitis


Squirt- R.I.P. 03.04.13
Pancreatic Exocrine Carcinoma and Metastasis

Skippy- R.I.P. 21.07.16
Lymphoma, congestive heart failure

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Missy, Tammy and Finn- R.I.P. 16.01.17
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