Hobo's x-ray pictures

X-rays 28-08-2004.


Left kidney (on the right side of the picture) is a lot more dense than it should be.


This is what Michaela wrote about the x-rays:"...loss of intervertebral disk space with bony proliferation/ lysis within both vertebral bodies, ventral border of vertebral bodies loss of contour, ?atonic bladder with urine remaining in bladder and high risk of secondary infection or LUT infection resulted in discospondilitis, DD tumour, reason for ataxic hind gait with intact sensation..."

Dr. Sue and Dr. Ruth from the Ferret Health List also wrote about Hobo, they said the kidney looked denser than usual but that it probably wasn't anything I should worry about, Dr. Ruth said the kidney showed very clearly but that it wasn't necessarily more dense, the kidney could have had fatty deposits around it and appeared more dense because of that. Dr. Sue said there was some prostate enlargement but that it was farther caudal than usual.