Ferret proofing of the garden summer 2007

Turfing along the fence.

Turfing along the fence.

Putting mesh on the fence and under the turf along the fence so if ferrets or skunks dig by the fence, they hit the mesh and can't dig out.

More turfing. Pete built this fence this summer because the old one was rotten and blew over in a bad storm last winter...

Boarding up neighbours' beautiful wall (sorry Jeff) because Phoebe and Kobi escaped through the "holey" wall...

Some pipe on top of the wall in case any ferrets (Wesley or Leo) manage to jump to that height so they can't grip anything. The right side of the pipe is filled in with a round piece of wood.

Pipe fixed on top of the fence so ferrets can't climb over, they can't grip the pipe so no getting over there. The mesh is also screwed to the pipe to stop the ferrets squeezing between the top of the mesh and pipe

Close up of left corner of the garden- well ferret proof! :-)

The other side of the garden fence.

The aviary also needed a broad strip of wood fitting around so ferrets can't climb up, Piper, Phoebe and Honey (and I think Kobi) were up there all the time.

Aviary again.

Right corner of garden.

Close up of right corner, also blocked off so ferrets can't climb right up into the corner and grip the joint.

Bottom right corner.

At first the pipe was the width of the "temporary fence" but Piper managed to climb up the mesh, get into the pipe on the right hand side, turn around in the pipe and then get on top of the pipe and over the gate... So Pete cut another pipe and made it longer. Thinking back, he could have blocked the end bit off with another round piece of wood...

Fence between us and the other neighbours.

Close up of fence, Pete put a bit of pipe over the pipe "joints" so ferrets can't grip anywhere around the joints.

"Gate" on the other side of the house. It's just an emergency gate and will be done properly once the building works are finished. The gate was meshed before with the pipe on top and because the gate opens outwards, the pipe could only be the width of the gate. Again Piper climbed up, into the pipe and from there over the gate. So Pete boarded the gate up...

Close up of back fence pole, Pete cut into the pole to fit the pipes in snugg.

The pillar by the gate that Piper was able to climb up... Pete put a wood surround around all pillars...

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