Daisy's autopsy pictures

Chest cavity.

Lymph node-fat mass & lungs.



Daisy's histopathlogy report


Slide #1

Liver no major changes. In several portal areas small round nuclear infiltrates.

Spleen shows severe congestion with foci of EM erythropoesis (splenomegaly). The white pulp consists of proliferations monomorphic, large cleaved and non-cleaved lymphoblasts, only in some centres with a few smaller, more well-differentiated cells.

Kidney shows no histological visible changes.

Slide #2

Lymph node (3x) filled with nodular proliferating monomorphic lymphoblasts, filling the complete lymph node. Only small enclaves of more mature lymphocytes, especially under the capsule. In the surrounding fat tissue idem small foci with lymphoblasts.

Ilium with at least one proliferation of lymphoblasts and more areas with mature lymphocytes (normal GALT).

Pancreas (exo- and endocrine) no changes.

Duodenum with in the submucosa small areas with more mature lymphocytes and one larger follicle (GALT).

Slide #3

Kidney no changes.

Colon (large lumen) no changes.

Connected to it in fat tissue a cystic lymph node with a "cortex" of lymphoblastic cells.

Slide #4

Another 3 massive lymph nodes and one more cystic with the same lymphoblastic proliferations.

Lungs collapsed (PM atalectase?) showing some hyperaemia and possible small amount of oedema and some alveolar ectasie.

Slide #5

Fat tissue with many small lymphoblastic "lymph nodes".

Another massive lymphoblastic lymph node.

Slide #6

Heart muscle without visible changes.


Generalized lymphoblastic lymphadenopathy


With the age of 8 years it cannot be called the juvenile lymphoblastic sarcoma, which is considered to be present in ferrets up to 2 years old, but the changes are similar as seen in this animal. The main difference is that in this case liver and kidney are not involved.