Baby's operation pictures

Baby before operation, very adrenal looking.

Lump under/ behind the last left teat.

First fluid filled cyst adhered to stomach.

Second fluid filled cyst adhered to stomach.

Lump from under/ behind her teat.

Histopathology report


1. Sudden appearance tumour L inguinal, ? lymph node. Off food, lost weight. Cut surface necrosed. 2. Ex lap all internal organs NAD. Cystic tumour small curvature of stomach, aspirated fluid.


Cellulitis and Purulent Lymphadenitis


Prognosis: Uncertain Aetiology Not Clarified In This Submission


The submission consists of a biopsy sample of skin and subcutis, including mass, from the inguinal area, plus a fluid sample from which two smears were made, for cytology.

HISTOPATHOLOGY: the sections reveal the mass is a lymph node embedded in subcutaneous adipose tissue. The latter is heavily infiltrated by mixed inflammatory cells, with a high proportion of neutrophils, and the inflammation extends into the lymph node, which is also rather haemorrhagic, but shows little cortical follicular activity. There is no overt evidence of neoplasia in the sections examined. There is mild hyperplasia of mammary gland elements in the dermis overlying the inflamed node, and although there is some inflammation within the gland, the pattern is not that of a true mastitis, more of a bystander effect.

The appearances are consistent with focally severe, sub-acute cellulites with associated purulent lymphadenitis. The cause could not be identified in the sections, but is presumed to be bacterial infection.

CYTOLOGY: the smears are about 50% erythrocytes and 50% nucleated cells, but unfortunately, for some reason, the latter are poorly preserved and the majority difficult to identify. Most are small, round cells about 1-1.5x the diameter of an erythrocyte and I suspect they are lymphoid. This would suggest the mass is either a hyperplastic lymph node, or a lymphoma. The lack of cellular detail in the smears, however, means I am unfortunately unable to make a firm diagnosis.