It all started when I saw ferrets for the first time in my life. It was in summer 1993 when I went into a pet shop in Nottingham and saw these peculiar looking animals. My friend told me not to stick my fingers in the cage because they were vicious animals. Of course I did stick my fingers in to touch these cute animals as I thought "Why would they sell mean, biting animals in a pet shop?!" I was so captivated by them that I immediately bought 2 ferret books and went into every library to find and read books about ferrets.

When I found a home in Wales in September '93, these cute animals were still on my mind so I decided to buy one. I still didn't know much about ferrets and bought an albino jill who I called Baby- a little biter! From hunting stock, which (here in rural Wales) means that she probably hadn't been handled at all and probably never experienced anything kind and never got any TLC. She bit my hands whenever I tried to handle her and I didn't know how to stop her biting me. She was kept free range in a big garage and allowed to play in the house under supervision.

Then, just when she became more friendly, an accident happened. She looked poorly and I noticed that her drinking bottle wasn't working and that she was dehydrated. So I took her with me into the living room so I could keep her under observation and put her in a huge cardboard box with plenty of food, water and bedding. I didn't think she could get out of the box even if she was feeling better. I then had to go out unexpectedly and left the living room door and the door to the room of the other animals open. When I got back, Baby had made a miracle recovery, had escaped out of the box and had got into the animal room. My rats and degus were all in secure cages but the guinea pigs were in an open cage so Baby had got into there. The guinea pigs had escaped out of their cage and kept running away from Baby who only played with them- none of them were hurt except for a few punctured ears. But I did have 3 guinea pig babies at the time and they sadly died of shock... At the time I didn't feel it was safe to have Baby and the other little animals and was worried about further accidents and eventually (reluctantly) gave her to a ferret rescue. Now I would do anything to get her back, it was not her fault but mine and I feel really bad about giving her away, now that my ferrets mean so much to me... On the other hand it was probably best for her because in her new home she was fed day old chicks and raw meat whereas I was feeding her grocery store cat food back then. I had read that you can feed good quality cat food (it was the days before we had a dry ferret food in the UK) and thought Whiskas was good... Duh...

I do have a lot of fond memories of her, how I took her everywhere with me. I went shopping with her and let her run in the car while I was out and when I got back to the car I would knock on the window and she would come straight to me and look so happy to see me. And I took her to the beach, she liked digging in the sand and when she got cold, she climbed up my leg so I would pick her up and keep her warm under my jacket.

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