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These pages are dedicated to my first 3 ferrets- Jilly, Angel and Jack... Through them I got to know ferrets and they changed my life and enriched it in many ways which I am very greatful for. In 2004 I then became interested in skunks because I thought they were like big ferrets and they turned out to be a great addition, bringing a lot of happiness and laughter, just like the ferrets.


This is myself, Ulrike, proud parent of:

Ferrets Tammy, Poley, Sweetie & Syd
Cats Boston, Pontus, Blob & Crackles
Dogs Logan, Lacey & Pippa
Rabbit Binky

Ferrets Angel, Hope, Igor, Barney, Tom, Spike, Jilly, Jack, Mason, Bella, Baby, Hobo, Fox, Tara, Reno, Dana, Jasmine, Riley, Rose, Willow, Jade, Gremlin, Spike II, Daisy, Bobby, Nipper, Piper, Wesley, Ruby, Kobi, Phoebe, Leo, Charlie, Jake, Squirt, Snoopy, Franklin, Honey, Peanut, Skippy, Finn, Missy & Tigger
Skunks Tyler, Peppy, Blossom & Sparky
Cats Kia, Snowy, Squeaky & Stripey
Dogs Millie & Poppy
Rabbits Bailey & Bunny
Gone but never forgotten


"I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs. They are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no right to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty."
~James Herriot, English Veterinarian and Author~

These pages are about my ferrets (and other animals). Scroll down to the 2 buttons towards the end of the page to get to the rest of my web pages. They are an honest account and also include mistakes I've made. Maybe they'll help other people avoid those mistakes and make people realize that they should think hard before making any decisions. One decision that I made without thinking long enough was to give my very first ferret Baby away. If I had thought it over properly I wouldn't have given her away. That's what I think now anyway.

Not counting Baby, I have been owned by ferrets since May 1995. My first ferret (not counting the first Baby) was an unwanted jill I rescued- I named her Jilly. I bred her (when I didn't know better...) and kept 2 of her 9 babies that she gave birth to in June '95: Angel & Jack. That was it for a while until the end of May 1997 when an unwanted ferret called "Mr Puss" joined the family- he was renamed Igor. And in June 1997, 2 RSPCA rescues followed: Bella & Tom. Since then quite a few ferrets found their way here and I also rescued many ferrets. By the way, all my ferrets have been neutered, something a responsible ferret owner should do. Nowadays you can get an implant called Suprelorin which chemically "neuters" ferrets- it lasts for about 2 years and may well be better than spaying or castrating ferrets. I say may be because it hasn't been around long enough to establish whether it does reduce the incidence of cancer, especially adrenal disease. But for me the implant plus anaesthetic costs about as much as a spay so is not an affordable option when you have many rescue ferrets.

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Raw Feeding

Since October 2000 I have been feeding the ferrets raw meat and bones, I mince and chunk whole chickens and feed them to the ferrets. Of course they also get other meats but chicken is their staple diet. From approx. 2012 onwards, I have been buying minces and chicken carcasses from online retailers, mostly Natural Instinct, but since 2017 also from retailer that sells pet foods from different manufacturers and I found that Manifold Valley Meats does really good pet minces. Read more about it here.

Ferret Welfare

I am very much into animal welfare and get distraught when I think of how people treat animals. Even if it is "just" treating them with contempt, deciding they don't want them anymore and that they want to get rid of them, no matter where and what fate they may endure. If you have ferrets and decide to give them up, then please find them a *good* home. You decided to have ferrets, they're your responsibility, and in an ideal world you would look after them until they die. I am getting really sad when I think of all the ferrets/ animals that are discarded like an old unwanted toy. To look for a new home, put "ferret rescues" into Google and have a look, or get in touch with the "National Ferret Welfare Society". The RSPCA is another possibility although many centres will put ferrets to sleep if they don't find a home within 24 or 48 hours! Not sure if this has changed though. They might not take ferrets at all.

If you find a stray ferret, please contact the rescue organisations above and/ or ask vets if they know any animal rescues that can help. If you are looking for a home yourself, be careful who you give a ferret to because there are many people who will take on ferrets but those ferrets will live miserable lives stuck in small cages with no play time out, no attention, no love, cheap rubbish food and no vet care. Or they might be used as bait to train fighting dogs. There are really horrid people out there!!! Over the years I have been shocked more than once what awful deeds people are capable of. So if you rehome your ferret, look at the new home and if you wouldn't want to live there, don't make your ferret live there, either.

Links to my other pages

You will find links to all my other pages below. The first link takes you to pages about my ferrets and to health and general care pages that I have done and also health related links to other web pages. You will also find the raw feeding pages and links there as I think feeding raw has a positive effect on health.

The ferrets have also suffered so much ill health that I have written about every health problem that I have encountered. Every ferret that dies has an autopsy and since the end of 2001, I have taken pictures during the autopsies and operations. In the hope that it will help other ferret owners. I also want to collect autopsy reports from other people's ferrets with a possible write up about the progression of their ferret's illness, symptoms, etc. The more information we have about ferret illnesses, the better. I know there are ferret veterinary books (I have pretty much all of them) but real life cases, written in plain English, will really help other people.

The second link will take you to pages about our dogs, cats, skunks, and rabbits (and information about myself). Last not least 2 pages with pictures of our garden, the first page shows how my husbans ferret proofed it and the second page shows ferrets and the other animals in the garden. Plus some really old pages with photos.

Latest updates:

Post mortem, operation and x-ray pictures - ferrets and skunks

Bunny & Binky
Lacey, Pippa, Stripey & Crackles

For anybody interested, I have videos of the animals on YouTube and pictures of the animals on Picasa:

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